Passport Business Park

Location DFW Airport Year 2017 Client F.A. Peinado
Passport Business Park: Revenues from a new business park can help reduce airline costs for passengers.

Accelerated development on D/FW International Airport has spurred on construction on almost 600 acres, soon to be known at Passport Business Park. With revenues generated, fees and costs to the airlines will be greatly reduced, meaning less fees and costs being passed on to passengers; good news, as construction is underway! Once the Advance Planning Package was accepted by the airport, Pacheco Koch began design on the infrastructure, including designing two spine roads providing access to the development from SH183, Rental Car Dr., and Valley View Lane. Utilities for the development include approximately 16,600 linear feet of 16-inch water line, 11,700 linear feet of 8- to 21-inch wastewater lines, reclaimed water lines, electric duct bank, natural gas lines, and telecom. The water lines provided a looped service that connected with the Airport’s existing water distribution system. The wastewater line conveyed flow from the development to the southwest side of the business park and connected to an existing wastewater trunk line owned by the Trinity River Authority. A new wastewater metering station was also installed as part of the project.

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