Marshall Family Performing Arts Center

Location Addison, Texas Year 2016 Client Greenhill School
A new performing arts center encouraging student collaboration and interaction of the arts.

Greenhill School was in dire need of a new performing arts center. In 2016 the school opened its doors to the new Marshall Family Performing Arts Center. This $26.5 million, 66,000 square foot facility, strategically located on campus, provides students with a multi-section collaborative environment. The two-story center consists of a 600-seat assembly theater, a 150-seat studio theater, film and video lab, and a dance rehearsal hall. Other spaces include classrooms, dressing rooms and a costume shop. These environments are connected by a central lobby, encouraging students to cross-pollinate and interact for informal performances. In a state where school systems spend millions of dollars on athletic facilities, the Marshall Family Performing Arts Center is a breath of fresh air for students of Greenhill School. The center is leading the way in providing state-of-the art performance centers for schools in Texas.

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