Louis Vuitton Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location Johnson County, Texas Year 2017 Client HKS, Inc.
With the opening of a new Louis Vuitton manufacturing facility, Pacheco Koch was hired to design the locations treatment plant.

Pacheco Koch was retained to assist with the design of the Louis Vuitton manufacturing facility near Alvarado. In addition to the civil design for the site, our services included designing a package wastewater treatment plant. Due to the location of the site being in an area with no existing wastewater collection infrastructure, a package plant needed to be designed that would handle the domestic wastewater that would be produced by the facility’s 600+ employees. A conventional wastewater treatment plant was designed which included an influent lift station, bar screen, aeration basin, final clarifier, an effluent filter, and chlorine contact basin. The plant was designed to meet the proposed permitted effluent limits of 5 mg/l CBOD, 5 mg/l TSS, 2 mg/l Ammonia Nitrogen and a DO of 4.0 mg/l to ensure the safety of aquatic life in Lake Alvarado which is downstream of the plant’s discharge.

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