DFW Airport Terminal A DART Station

Location DFW Airport Year 2014 Client Jacobs
DFW Airport Terminal D DART Station: A joint effort to provide Dallas travelers quick transportation from downtown to D/FW International Airport.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and when that “child” is a way to provide travelers a low-stress, low-cost lift to the airport, a village it did take. It also took weekly and bi-weekly meetings with more than four separate entities to ensure that the idea of a DART rail service from downtown to D/FW Airport stayed on schedule and within budget. Balancing both D/FW and DART design requirements, Pacheco Koch completed a detailed topographic survey for the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Terminal “A” DART station that the firm is currently designing. Of course there were challenges, such as horizontal and vertical survey datum in use at the airport were different from data in use by DART within the same area. Pacheco Koch coordinated with all entities to ensure that every design file could be related to each other. From a civil scope, the project entailed detailed designs of the DART station, final sub-grade designs for approximately .25 miles of future track, a bus transfer station, vertical realignment of the northbound service road and a complete realignment of the ramp to northbound International Parkway.

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